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    Tonight we had the opportunity to listen to Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. I found this Must See Monday very interesting because we can relate to it in many ways, especially because our lives revolve around technology and mass media now. I was interested to learn about the evolution and how the media rises through each generation. From the compromise generation, we were introduced to pamphlets. From the transcendental generation, we were introduced to Partisan weekly newspapers and so on. It was nice to see the progress of media outlined and it really helped to put in perspective how media changes throughout the years. Eric Newton also discussed science fiction and how writers go with their imagination. For example; moon travel, geostationary satellites which make the digital age possible, cell phones, and so on. I found Mr. Newton very interesting and intellectual; I enjoyed learning the history and seeing how media has changed over the years.

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    Eric Newton’s talk at tonight’s Must See Monday addressed all the questions and uncertainties about the future of journalism in a way much different than I have ever heard before. Early in the talk, Newton said that the first principle in predicting the future is thinking crazy; not out of the box, but out of this world. Next, he presented the idea that each American generation uses a new news medium. He showed us the way these mediums have evolved over time, beginning with pamphlets during the American Revolution and moving forward in time all the way to today’s mobile and social media and what he called world war 3.0, which would consist of cyber attacks in the digital world. Newton went even further forward, his predictions becoming more and more difficult to imagine outside of a science fiction movie. He presented the idea that technology drives the future of news and that if we, as journalists, do not engage with the technology, we are not engaging our future. The point of the lecture was not to show us that journalism will disappear with the development of such technologies as Bio Media and Omni Media, but that journalism will change. Newton said, toward the end of his talk, that society will always need someone to provide an independent, truthful source of information. This will always be the job of the journalist, even if the way we work changes.

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    Mr. Newton began his lecture by explaining the beginning of news. He in gave a detailed description of history’s “first ever” news story. After quickly summarizing the history of media Mr. Newton reached the topic which we had all come to learn about, the future of media. Our desired major is such a rapidly changing field few if any have an idea of where future media may go. Mr. Newton informed us that there will most certainly be a time in which the print newspaper completely drops out of existence. From that point the world will engage in an all-out cyber battle which Mr. Newton called “World War 3.0.” In around one-hundred years Mr. Newton mentioned something known as the singularity. The singularity is very similar to the Matrix. Not only will it eliminate a need for schools but for newspapers and television news and many other forms of media. With the singularity humans are basically able to plug in and over night or in a matter of minutes learn whatever they please. The future in my opinion is somewhat troubling. However, Mr. Newton encouraged his audience and provided tips on how to embrace the future of media and potentially prosper in our ever changing field of profession.

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    Whenever I was lucky enough as a kid to catch a rerun of The Jetsons, I always fantasized about how wonderful it would be to live in such a futuristic society. Tonight’s Must See Monday has officially changed that for me. Eric Newton, senior adviser of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, was the speaker of this event. His discussion about the history of the future of news explained where the digital age will more than likely take our society next.Newton discussed that the ages that lie ahead for the world will all surround technology: the intelligent media age, the hybrid age, and the courageous age. It seems to me that within these age, there will be little room for the characteristics that made us human in the first place. For today’s lecture in JMC 110, we were to read an excerpt from Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild. What Christopher McCandless accomplished seems to be the exact opposite of the direction that society is headed. In the wild, McCandless was independent of absolutely every societal restraint. With the way technology is shaping our future, it seems as though it will be impossible to live on our own without the dependence of technological advancements. It seems like it might even be a struggle to simply function normally at all.So, sure, in the future (most likely) we’ll be advanced, but will we be happy? We’ll know everything, but will there be room to actually live? Who’s really living if some gadget is feeding us our every thought? Newton explained that in order to get to the future, there needs to be people to shape it. As a journalist, I’m not so sure that I want to take part in the shaping of our destruction.

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    Tonight Victor Medina, a former writer for the “LA Times”, and current senior correspondent and special projects editor for Reznet, and Ina Jaffe, a national desk correspondent for NPR, discussed their experience and feelings about covering communities in crisis.I came into the lecture unsure of what I was going to learn about and whether it was going to interest me, but I came out of it with valuable knowledge on how a journalist can walk the tight rope between connecting emotionally with a grieving interviewee and maintaining professionalism. From the stories that Mr. Medina and Mrs. Jaffe told regarding their experience, I’ve realized that a reporter must have patience with their interviewees, understanding of their current sorrow and the ability to earn the trust of the people being interviewed, which is something that takes time and compassion to receive. I know being able to maintain my composure and professionalism if assigned to cover a person or community in mourning after a tragic event would be extremely difficult for me, but I’m glad I had this learning experience to get a glimpse into how a few veteran journalists have learned to deal with these difficult situations through trial and error.

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    I just attended the Must See Monday event featuring Eric Newton, senior adviser to the president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, discussing “A History of the Future of News: What 1767 Tells Us About 2110.” Newton gave a detailed summary about past journalistic experiences and models that have proved successful. As we advance into what is known as the “digital age,” people can see, hear, read and listen to the news at any time, Newton said. From the 1600s to the present, journalism has clearly advanced into a vastly technology-driven world. “Is this too much for 20-somethings to handle?” Newton asked. The answer to this question is debatable. At times, I feel overwhelmed with all of the different news and media that is constantly thrown into my face. Whether it is a big, graphic picture on a website or an obnoxious tweet on Twitter, I feel that I can never truly escape the media. Being a journalism student I appreciate how readily available the news is, but I would like choose how often I am exposed to that news. Do we look into the past to predict what the future holds? Newton feels that the answer could be yes. With the fast-paced technological developments made thus far, it seems only fitting that mind-reading robots and computers could be a possibility. Newton used various futuristic movies to demonstrate how ideas from the past were actually transformed into real inventions today. Newton used the famous Star Trek TV series as an example, stating that in the TV show characters used cellphone devices to communicate. Years later, the cellphone was created and later improved, allowing people to regularly check updates and read news articles in seconds. Newton stated that the inventor of the cellphone was actually inspired by the Star Trek devices in his creation of the cellphone. Newton also referenced the movie I, Robot, suggesting that perhaps robots and other inventions in films today could predict future technology developments. Newton emphasized that as technology progresses from past to present to future, how we consume the news will change as well. In the past, all people had were newspapers and now people can access any type of news at anytime from multiple devices. Could robots possibly be our future links to the news? In a seemingly digital world, it is easy to question the availability in the job market for journalists graduating college. However, Newton instilled a little confidence in the young journalist audience, stating that there will still be jobs in the future for journalists. Although most news is displayed on the Internet now, the job market will adapt to future news and media creations and outlets. Finding a successful career as a journalist in the future is simply a question of learning the new modes of communication, Newton said. I really enjoyed Newton’s presentation and I found it very informative!

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